Sunday, January 30, 2005


Bono joins Hoobastank!

Here's one that's drawn the wrath of the Giants fans, where Dayn Perry has noted the Giants as "LOSERS" in the off season:


One rare talent surrounded by dreck. It's a bit like Bono fronting

The Giants have Barry Bonds in the lineup,
but that's it. The outfield arrangement of Bonds, Moises Alou and Marquis
— all old and bad with the glove — should yield plenty of laughs,
and plenty of triples. San Fran also overpaid for Omar Vizquel, Mike Matheny and Armando
. That Pedro Feliz has a multi-year contract and is poised to play a
major role will only add to the carnage.

Dayn is right. Sabean overpayd Vizquel and Benitez. $7 Mill for Benitez is certainly a risk. If he doesn't peform their still saddled with an expensive, underperforming player ala Alfonso, and let's face it, he ain't getting any younger. You can just see this scenario coming. The Giants have to pay $4 Mill for a SS that will turn 38 at the beginning of the season. Matheny isn't too bad, although he's old for a catcher.

What's really going to kill them is the outfield. Bonds play in the field was laughable. Anything hit into his corner is an easy stand up double. Because Bonds has degraded so bad the CF has to play half of LF as well now. No wonder Grissom is overworked. You could see how true this was when they would stick Mohr out there last season. He would have to run like hell to catch balls in the gaps, and once when a ball went past him he looked behind him thinking that Bonds would cover behind him, like any other LF would, but Bonds was doing the slow trot and the ball went back to the wall. This just makes the RF cover more ground to compensate for an overworked CF. Defensively, this could be one of the worst outfields ever.

Sunday, January 23, 2005


And yet another gratuitous Byrnes comment

This time by Scott Ostler. I think that brings the official Eric Byrnes SF Chronicle Name Count Watch to 125,357 for the week.

-- Eric Byrnes (.283, 111 strikeouts) for Mike Cameron (.231, 143)? Say it ain't so, Billy. And stats aside, don't forget the all-important WHBTTG column: What He Brings To The Game. (See: Item above.)

....wait a minute...this just came in...apparently Eric Byrnes will be playing every position next season. That's is correct ladies and gentleman, all 9 positions. Macha is working on the batting lineup now, but it's projected to be:

  1. Eric Byrnes
  2. Eric Byrnes
  3. Eric Byrnes
  4. Eric Byrnes
  5. Eric Byrnes
  6. Eric Byrnes
  7. Eric Byrnes
  8. Eric Byrnes
  9. Eric Byrnes

....Hold on...I'm just getting word that Eric Byrnes has discovered a cure for cancer...stay tuned...


Once again-accentuate the negative

Well, in today's Chronicle we have an irate fan in the Letters to the Green:

I'm at a point where I no longer wish to support the team, and if they trade away Eric Byrnes, I (and I'm sure many, many other fans) will boycott all of their games -- and reluctantly become a Giants fan!

Of all the talent that has come and gone through Oakland, Giambi (ok, maybe this is one of the 20/20 hindsite things) Tejada, Foulke, Hudson, Maulder, but GOD FORBID if Eric Byrnes leaves that is the straw that breaks the camel's back. You can almost feel the rustled masses ready to run to their nearest SF Giants dugout ready to slap hundreds of dollars on Barry Bonds paraphenalia.

I don't care who leaves the A's, I'd rather give my left nut than become a Giants fan. In fact, you probably would have to kill me before I ever become a Giants fan. I would never embrace a team that openly let's a juicing cheater run their team. It's disgusting. I wouldn't be surprised if ownership and management knew all about the steroid abuse.

And what is it with Eric Byrnes and you people in the SF media. How many times can they mention Eric Byrnes in one week? Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric Byrnes Eric that we have that out of our system, do you feel better?

...what do you mean "no"?

Giants fans obsession with Eric Byrnes is almost at the point of being pathological. Hell, it is pathological. Jesus Christ people! You need to get a grip! He's a streaky hitting 4th outfielder for crying out loud. Sometimes I almost wish they would trade him to the Giants so I can see how much the fans will love Captain America when he goes 9 for 91 and loses balls left and right in that whacky SF outfield.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Giants bashing

HAha, another whiney thread on the SF board about the Giants/A's rivalry. Personally, I think the rivalry increased after interleague play, but it's really that Bonds ahole that really creates it. The way they're so willing to embrace a cheating juicer is beyond me. It is absolutely imperative to make sure that Bonds doesn't taste the glory of what they all play ball for...WINNING A WORLD SERIES!!

Friday, January 21, 2005


Here comes the predictions...

Well, the fun has already started. Giants fans are predicting that they will run away with the division handidly, just like they said last year...

...oh yeah, once they started to struggle it was "we always said it would be a competative division this year". LOL. I also like how Noah Lowry has been elevated to the level of ace by the Giants. Sheesh, the guy has one good half year and they got him compared to Marichal.

Who do you think is going to win the West? I kind of hope the Padres do. Not quite the emotional stake in the heart like the Dodgers winning, but I like that Khalil Greene kid.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Night in the Ruts

Ok, so I'm a little late and all on this, but I loved the Bruce Jenkins article on A.J. Pierzynski kneed Giants trainer Stan Conte in the nuts. Way to go Sabian! Brilliant move. And it only cost them All-Star Joe Nathan and it rates up there with Russ Ortiz for Damian "Effectively Wild" Moss.

I hope the White Sox trainer remembers to wear his cup this spring.


Welcome Everybody...except you idiot Giants fans

Thanks to the inspiration from the Oakland A's message board, I've created a message board to vent on those idiot Giants and their pathetic fans. More to come soon!

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